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Making Notes

Free Consultation

Co-Z Auctions is proud to offer a free, no obligation phone consultation. During which, we will discuss the entire process with you, ask a few questions and answer any you may have. If it feels like a great fit for us both, we will book an introduction. There, we will go over a customized plan with you. Our goal is to fulfill all of your expectations and create a friendly atmosphere.

Professional, comfortable and respectful.

Catalogue & Inventory

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will take care of everything. We will organize all items designated for auction. Catalogue, by taking detailed photographs and writing accurate descriptions. Inventory in numerical order with our designated software, to prepare for final review. Once approved by you, we will publish your auction on our international platform. The duration of your auction, any modifications, additions or removals and any other questions or concerns will be addressed during the final review.

Living room
Auction Hammer

Auction Forecast

Even though we will be advertising for your auction, we encourage you to also spread the word. Through social media, friends and family. Any support available, always has a positive affect. On the final day, our team will close out your auction by sending an email to all winning bidders, informing them of the location and times for pickup. Securing your private property is a very important aspect of our service. Flexibility with the final stage is available.

Reduce, Renew & Reuse

Finding new homes for the items sold in your auction. Keeping as many items as possible out of our landfills, while simultaneously providing an opportunity for others to find the same joy and purpose, as you did. In todays economic and environmental climates, reducing our consumption, while reusing and repurposing perfectly functional items is a gratifying feeling. At this stage, all items won, will be picked up by the winning bidders.

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

The Next Chapter

No matter your reason to hold an auction, by the end you will be venturing to the next chapter. We want you to do it with a clean slate. As an optional service, we provide a property clean-up. When all won items have been picked up by their new owners, Co-Z Auctions staff will be happy to ensure the property is ready for sale, move-in, or just to clean the space, to fit something new. Although your sale has concluded, we believe in the rapport built throughout the process and will always be available should you need anything else. At Co-Z Auctions, we understand it isn't easy, which is why we will always be here for you.

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